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People all across our state, including friends and family, some of whom are on the mountain right now, have asked me to weigh in on the sacred mountain and the prospect of building the TMT. This is difficult to do with a social media post, in a way that respects the gravity of the current situation.

First and most important in my opinion, there must not be any violence on Mauna Kea. That would cause irreparable damage to our state and people, culturally and spiritually. I want to recognize the Protectors right now for their peaceful approach to date. I have enormous respect for that. This is also why I have stated in the past my opposition to using the National Guard on Mauna Kea for TMT matters. I trust and respect the National Guard, however my belief is they should only be used when there is no other way to protect life and safety.

In the coming days/weeks I will be personally meeting with Protectors, Kupuna, thought leaders, my family that has engaged in this struggle, elected leaders and citizens with any view on this critical issue for Hawaii. I will meet people where they fight for liberty, on the mountain if asked, on the streets, in my office (which is your office too) on long walks, wherever necessary. I do this because if there is some path to harmony, we should find it together.

In my opinion no single project, not any, is important enough to allow ourselves to damage the fabric of our Ohana in Hawaii.

I believe that this struggle is more about the heart of Hawaii and our sense of self and dignity, especially for the Hawaiian people, than it is about a telescope. It is about cultural recognition and people’s self worth.

Know that I will always put safety, health and human growth above any project.

I also know that all voices, pro and con should be heard and that is how I will approach this period in our state’s beautiful history.

You will be heard by me.

My cell phone is (808)937-0991 and I will be seeing all the people I can across our state as I have been doing on the other crises we face together, like homelessness for example.

Please continue to embrace one another with love and respect, peacefully, no matter what your position is on the TMT and the sacred mountain.


Lieutenant Governor
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7 days ago

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green

Today we celebrated and blessed the donation of two power washers from the #H4Project to the the City to help clean up #Chinatown.

We started by cleaning the iconic #HappyDragon at Kekaulike Mall.

Our Chinatown has gotten a bad rep lately, becoming the unfortunate victim and face of our homeless epidemic.

But there is so much here to celebrate and be proud of.

We have one of the oldest Chinatowns in the United States and it is a testament to the immense contributions and profound influence Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans have had in making our Hawaii the wonderful place it is today.

It is the heartbeat of Honolulu culture with galleries, museums, global cuisine, and diverse businesses.

These power washers are just one of the first steps in our initiative to clean up Chinatown so that it can be enjoyed, utilized, and celebrated by everyone in Hawaii, residents and visitors alike.
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With the great Mike Buck right now AM690 The Answer... talking story! #mikebuck ... See MoreSee Less

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