Universal Access to Preschool

For years, universal access to preschool has been a significant need for our keiki. Based on recent Census data, we know there are over 9,000 underserved 3-4 year old’s in Hawaiʻi.

In 2022 the Legislature set aside $200 million to build and renovate preschools across our state. One of my main policy initiatives as LG is to oversee the rollout of a preschool expansion plan.

Here’s why preschool is so important for our keiki. Preschool helps:

  • Prepare keiki academically for school success and provide a safe environment that supports ​socio-emotional learning,​
  • Enable keiki to develop to their full capacity while setting a strong foundation for future success,​
  • Create economic stability for families who need a safe place for their keiki while they go to work,
  • Ensure that our keiki are ready for success when starting kindergarten while also supporting Hawai’i families


Broadband Expansion

The pandemic highlighted the importance of remote communication and the need for high quality internet access across our islands.

I’ve made one of my priorities as LG to improve our state’s broadband infrastructure and accessibility.

We need internet to stay connected — for work, for our children’s education, for telehealth doctor visits, for staying in touch with family. But rural and remote areas are less served. There are limited options to choose from with virtually no competition.

My office is committed to working with the community, private industry and partners from all levels of government in ensuring access to high quality connectivity throughout Hawaiʻi.