Administrative Rules


Title 1 – Governor Office of the Governor
Title 2 – Lt. Governor Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Title 3 – DAGS Department of Accounting and General Services
Title 4 – DOA Department of Agriculture
Title 5 – ATG Department of Attorney General
Title 6 – DBF Department of Budget & Finance
Title 7 – DOD Department of Defense
Title 8 – DOE Department of Education
Hawaii State Library System
Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission
Title 10 – DHHL Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
Title 11 – DOH Department of Health
Title 12 – DLIR Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Title 13 – DLNR Department of Land and Natural Resources
Title 14 – DHRD Department of Human Resources Development
Title 15 – DBEDT Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism
Hawaii Community Development Authority
Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corporation
Title 16 – DCCA Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Title 17 – DHS Department of Human Services
Hawaii Public Housing Authority
Title 18 – TAX Department of Taxation
Title 19 – DOT Department of Transportation
Title 20 – UH University of Hawaii
Title 23 – PSD Department of Public Safety

Instructions for printing proposed changes to administrative rules: hold down “Ctrl” button while hitting “P” or right click on mouse and select “print” on pop up menu.  Click on “Print” on the  print pop up box.