Administrative Rules


Title 1 – Governor Office of the Governor
Title 2 – Lt. Governor Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Title 3 – DAGS Department of Accounting and General Services
Title 4 – DOA Department of Agriculture
Title 5 – ATG Department of Attorney General
Title 6 – DBF Department of Budget & Finance
Title 7 – DOD Department of Defense
Title 8 – DOE Department of Education
Hawaii State Library System
Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission
Title 10 – DHHL Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
Title 11 – DOH Department of Health
Title 12 – DLIR Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Title 13 – DLNR Department of Land and Natural Resources
Title 14 – DHRD Department of Human Resources Development
Title 15 – DBEDT Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism
Hawaii Community Development Authority
Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corporation
Title 16 – DCCA Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Title 17 – DHS Department of Human Services
Hawaii Public Housing Authority
Title 18 – TAX Department of Taxation
Title 19 – DOT Department of Transportation
Title 20 – UH University of Hawaii
Title 23 – PSD Department of Public Safety

Proposed Changes to Administrative Rules
Instructions for printing proposed changes to administrative rules: hold down “Ctrl” button while hitting “P” or right click on mouse and select “print” on pop up menu.  Click on “Print” on the  print pop up box.
Administrative Rules Updates – Monthly Reports