Wow Laulau!

Beef LaulauThere are no leftovers on the day beef laulau is served at the Kohala Complex! Five hundred laulau are prepared for the students and staff. It’s made with local beef, local sweet potatoes and wrapped in local luau and ti leaves.  Students and staff gave rave reviews to the dish, which is served with steamed rice, lomi tomatoes, poi, and fresh fruit. Yum!

A school favorite, Chef Greg shares his recipe here:

Ingredients (serves 25 people):

5 lbs beef

1.75 lbs purple sweet potatoes

1.2 lbs luau leaves

5 ti leaves

⅛ cup salt


1) Salt meat evenly in separate bowl. 2) Line the pan with tin foil.  Then place several ti leaves across the bottom letting them come up the sides of the pan slightly. 3) Place 3 oz of beef onto the center of each luau leaf. Wrap securely, then place each wrap into the pan lined with ti leaves. 4) Once the pan is full, place another layer of ti leaves on top. Cover with tin foil. 5) Place in steamer and steam until leaves are soft and tender.