Wayfinding Signs in Wailuku Town Encourages Walking and Exploration

Lt. Gov. Tsutsui & Mayor Arakawa Install Wayfinding SignsWAILUKU — To help raise awareness on adopting a healthy lifestyle, Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui and Mayor Alan Arakawa assisted with the installation of the first wayfinding sign on Market Street.  The signs promote good health by encouraging walking and exploration of Wailuku Town’s hidden and well‐known treasures. The Wailuku Community Association, in collaboration with the Hawai‘i Public Health Institute and the Maui Redevelopment Agency, announced the installation of new pedestrian wayfinding signage designed to help visitors and residents with a walking tour of Wailuku Town to find arts, cultural, and historical destinations.  The signs give directional information on locations as well as approximate walking times to each site.  Fifty-five wayfinding signs were installed.