New Year’s Eve Message

As I reflect on the year past, I find myself tremendously grateful for our community and very hopeful as we enter into the new year. 


Today we may face another surge, driven by one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we have ever seen — but we are more prepared than ever. High vaccination rates are proving effective at protecting our community from severe disease, tests allow us to reduce spread, medicines for our most vulnerable are entering the market and boosters are offering greater protection as the virus mutates and immunity wanes. 


Even so, while this virus spreads so widely throughout our community, too many are still at risk. So we must each take care to continue to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the healthcare workers who have taken incredible care of us throughout the entire pandemic. That means GETTING A BOOSTER, staying home if you’re sick, and managing your risk.


In 2021 the pandemic was far from the only challenge our state faced. In fact, it was a year of many new challenges: an evolving virus, the return of visitors and a water crisis, to name a few. 


These challenges will be met with opportunities for us in 2022. It will be a chance to create a new normal of our own making, to remake Hawaii’s visitor industry into a better fit for our community, to find a modern solution for aging problems and to build the future we want for ourselves and our children.


See you in 2022. – Josh