New Kohala Complex Menu Includes Local Products

Here’s a picture of an all-time favorite lunch…with a twist!  Students at the Kohala Complex are enjoying this spaghetti lunch, which was made with local ground beef and local green leaf lettuce.

The tantalizing aroma of new flavors filled the Kohala Complex cafeteria as the winter menu was introduced to students on January 9. Students saw 5 new breakfast items, 15 new lunch meals and 5 new afternoon snacks.  All menu items are made with fresh ingredients and cooked from scratch by the Kohala kitchen staff, led by Cafeteria Manager Priscilla Galan, and Chef Greg Christian of Beyond the Green Sustainable Food Partners.

The delicious new menu features local recipes along with all-time American favorites – such as grilled cheese sandwich served with tomato soup and cucumber salad; and beef Laulau served with sweet potatoes, lomi tomatoes, steamed rice, and poi. Other menu items include freshly made cinnamon rolls and spaghetti and meatballs with caesar salad, vegetable medley, and garlic bread.  Menu items are created with USDA standards and the Farm to School goal of serving scratched cooked food with local ingredients.

While students and staff provide feedback, Chef Greg and the cafeteria staff adjust recipes to meet their preferences.