Mayor Updates Citizens on ‘State of the County’

Yesterday evening Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa addressed a crowd of about 500 community and business leaders, politicians, students and families. He delivered his 2013 “State Of The County” address. Below are a small portion of those comments.

“We have been working with Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui, who is in the process of obtaining 60 acres of parkland in Central Maui.

This land will eventually be turned over to the county and, combined with the more than 200 acres the County is also acquiring, will provide more Central Maui park space than ever before.

We also want to build more parks on the West Side, which is why we have included an amendment to this fiscal year’s budget to buy a portion of coastland from Pali to Puamana, our proposed beach parkway project.

This park will enable us to preserve valuable coastline areas, which will help reduce shoreline erosion and preserve park and open space areas in West Maui. This project will run in conjunction with the long awaited Lahaina Bypass, which is currently under construction by the state.”


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