Lt. Governor Encourages Individuals who Qualify for Living Well Hawaii Project to Enroll

20140411_094506-1 20140411_091048-1HONOLULU —  A health fair was held for the State’s Living Well Hawaii Project at the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse.  Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui told the audience, “During today’s fair, I encourage all of you to get all the important information you need for living well.  Because being healthy is not only a lifestyle, it’s a way of life.  From screening for diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure — you can get all the vital information you here that will help you get healthy and stay healthy.  Check out the Living Well Hawaii Project as well to see if you qualify to enroll in the program.”

The Living Well Hawaii project is the first ever public/private sector partnership to integrate mental health and primary care services for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.  The project will open its second pilot clinic this month. This unique project embeds primary care services in a community mental health center. The project seeks to reduce the significant health disparities for people with serious mental illness, who experience significantly increased mortality rates, primarily as the result of co-morbid preventable or treatable chronic medical conditions.

The Living Well Hawaii project is the result of a two-year collaborative planning process involving representatives from public and private sector, including the Department of Health, Hawaii Primary Care Association, Federally Qualified Health Centers, mental health consumers, community advocates, cultural specialists, and social services providers.