Kapiolani Park Preservation Society Annual Meeting

Lt. Governor Chin addressed the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society at its annual meeting on April 16, 2018 on the State’s view of Kapiolani Park as a public charitable trust and the current Office of the Attorney General’s recommendations to the Probate Court regarding Kapiolani Park.

Founded in 1980, Kapiolani Park Preservation Society is dedicated to keeping Kapiolani Park free and open to the public for all to enjoy.  Protecting and promoting our public parks is a worthy endeavor that allows the general public, not only the wealthy, to experience the beauty of the outdoors, experience natural landscape scenery, enjoy all means of recreation, and gather together as a community.  These experiences are vital to our health and wellbeing as individuals, as well as a society.

Kapiolani Park Preservation Society is an important supporter of our public parks in the State.  It has been actively involved in efforts to fight against development and other influences that have endangered Kapiolani Park’s continued presence.  Kapiolani Park Preservation Society and its devoted Board Members have dedicated countless hours and resources to preserving the beauty and safety of the park for the community.  It seeks to hold the entire community accountable for continued public access to the park.  Kapiolani Park Preservation Society’s vision and generosity serve as an inspiration for others in the community and a reminder for each of us to take responsibility and be involved in our communities.