Hokulea Prepares for Worldwide Voyage

LG, Nainoa & Clyde

HONOLULU — Hokulea navigator Nainoa Thompson presented before Lt. Gov. Tsutsui, Gov. Abercrombie and Hawaii State Senators about the Hokulea and her upcoming voyage around the globe. Hokulea and her crew are currently preparing for the second leg of their worldwide voyage, aptly referred to as “Mālama Honua,” or “Care for the Earth.” The voyage will be done almost entirely using traditional Polynesian navigation methods, known as wayfinding. This is the first voyage of its kind and involves using ancestral knowledge of star patterns, ocean movement, marine life, weather patterns and other signs of nature. As crew members will say, the Hōkūle‘a represents Hawai‘i’s culture, heritage and connection to ancestors.

Last May, the Hōkūle‘a began the first of 22 legs planned for the voyage around the world right here in Hawai‘i. The next leg begins in May and will take them to Tahiti, from there, and over the next four years, they will travel to 26 countries and stop at 85 international ports – sailing more than 47,000 miles. The crew consists of 260 individuals from 16 countries including navigators, students, educators, scientists, documenters, medic, cultural leaders and global ambassadors.

Clyde Aikau, surfing legend and brother to Eddie Aikau who was lost at sea during a voyage on the Hokulea, attended the presentation.

Governor Abercrombie and Lt. Gov. Tsutsui presented Thompson with a Special Message, commending Hokulea and her crew for rediscovering traditional Hawaiian knowledge and practices for a vibrant and sustainable future for us all.