Hawaii Serves as a Model for Victim Restitution

Lt. Governor Doug Chin hosted a presentation by the Council on State Governments Justice Center with results from data collected and analyzed regarding the collection and disbursement of victim restitution funds in Hawaii.  Victim restitution collection shortfalls have been a significant issue for crime victims in Hawaii. Throughout the State, countless people — policymakers and officials at the state and local level, criminal justice system stakeholders, and more — have dedicated their time and resources to improving the management of victim restitution.

These efforts have led to increased collection of restitution and disbursement of funds to victims. Increased restitution collections provide accountability to those who owe, requiring them to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, while also affording crime victims the ability to recover from the financial impacts they have suffered as a result of the crimes they have endured.  Consequently, Hawaii’s accomplishments are serving as a model to states across the nation that are looking to use data, policy, and leadership to improve the management of victim restitution.