Hawaii Korean Culture Center Receives Grant in Aid of $1 Million

Lt. Governor Chin presented a check to the Hawaii Korean Culture Center (HKCC) for $1M at the organization’s annual golf tournament, signifying signifying the State’s commitment to the Korean Community and the construction of the Hawaii Korean Cultural Center.  Lt. Governor Chin expressed to the crowd that, as the son of immigrants, he values the unique history and stories that all immigrants bring to Hawaii and to this country.  He believes that this Cultural Center will provide the opportunity for locals and visitors to learn and experience the impact that Korean immigrants have had in Hawaii and shaping our local communities. “What a wonderful story you have to tell and I am eager that you will share it with Hawaii and the world very soon,” said Lt. Governor Chin.

The HKCC is an organization formed to promote the development of a Korean Cultural Center in Hawaii.  The HKCC’s goals and plans for the center include the following:

  • Promoting and assisting education of language and culture for the future generations
  • Promoting and assisting education for 1st generation immigrants
  • Creating one location for professional services (i.e. doctor, lawyer, CPA agent, etc.)
  • Place of cultural events and assembly for the Korean community in Hawaii
  • Place of public information for Koreans about living in an American society

In 2016, the HKCC received a grant in aid from the State for $1M for construction of a Korean Cultural Center.  The funds were recently released and a contract was executed with the State.