Hawaii Farm to School Initiative: Local Beef Featured in School Lunches

HONOLULU —  As part of the Hawaii Farm to School Initiative, local beef is being featured in Hawaii Department of Education’s (HIDOE) school lunches during the month of December.   Elementary schools will be served teri hamburger steak, while high school students will enjoy teri loco moco lunches.  HIDOE’s School Food Services Branch purchased 14-thousand pounds of local beef for the special menu. Recipes for the beef were created by Kalani High School’s cafeteria staff.

It is made possible through a joint partnership with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, the State Department of Agriculture, the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council and the Hawaii Beef Industry Council. Teri Loco Moco lunch

In 2015, Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui launched the Hawai‘i Farm to School Initiative,  in collaboration with HIDOE, the Department of Agriculture and The Kohala Center to increase local food in school lunches using products from the local community.

“This initiative is a major game-changer in the way we are feeding our kids in schools. Along with changing what our keiki eat, we are serving them food made with local, fresh ingredients,” said Lt. Governor Tsutsui.  “This is a win-win for our students because they eat healthier, and for our farmers and ranchers because we are supporting our local agricultural industry.”

HIDOE serves 100,000 meals per day and 18 million meals per year.

Depending upon weather conditions and availability, meals will feature local bananas in January 2018.