Firearms Bills Become Law

Yesterday, Governor Ige signed into law, SB2436, which requires the voluntary surrender of firearms and ammunition within 7 days (shortened from 30 days) after an individual is disqualified from gun ownership and SB2046, which prohibits the manufacture, importation, sale, transfer and possession of bump fire stocks, multi-burst trigger activators, and trigger cranks.  These measures will help to expedite removal of firearms and ammunition from individuals who should not be in possession of them and avoid future shootings like in Las Vegas where bump stocks were used to transform a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic firearm.

Collectively, these efforts will promote the safety of the public and reduce the risk of firearm violence in Hawaii.  The passage of these measures were supported by many in the community, including the Honolulu Police Department, which will be implementing a 30-day amnesty program for the surrender of bump stocks, and Moms Demand Action.  Mahalo for all of their hard work, support and dedication to keeping our communities safe.